STB-50CNC-4A/5A-MS Electric Pipe Bender Multi-Stack Tooling

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1. Bend-arm (C-axis) by AC servomotor.
2. Clamp die by hydraulic; pressure die by hydraulic.
3. Carriage (Y-axis) by AC servomotor.
4. With rear booster driven by AC servomotor.
5. Collets (B-axis): rotation by AC servomotor, grip by hydraulic.
6. With roll bending function (PUSH BENDING), can make big radius by rolling.
7. Tooling shift : motion up-down by hydraulic or AC servomotor with brake; left-right by AC servomotor.
8. PDA (pressure die assist): by hydraulic or AC servomotor.
9. Automatic moving parts lubrication.
10. Standing pedestal, serves emergency stop, double-hand startup and remote control.

11. Industrial PC (windows system) assorted with touch screen display, 3D preview, remote control, D bending simulation, collision prevention.

12. Optional: auto loading and unloading system.

Model STB-50CNC-4A/5A STB-65CNC-4A/5A
Bending capability OD×WT (carbon steel) Φ50.8×2.5 mm Φ63.5×3 mm
Bending radius 35~200 mm 50~280 mm
Bending angle 0~195° 0~195°
Max bending length with mandrel 2600mm 3000mm
Bending speed Max. 90°/sec Max. 70°/sec
Bending accuracy ±0.05° ±0.05°
Feeding speed 800 mm/sec 500mm/sec
Feeding accuracy ±0.1 mm ±0.1 mm
Rotating speed 240°/sec 200°/sec
Rotating accuracy ±0.1° ±0.1°
Tools stack 2 3 (including rolling tools)
Bending Electric Servomotor Electric Servomotor
Feeding/Booster Electric Servomotor Electric Servomotor
Rotating Electric Servomotor Electric Servomotor
Work head shift (horizontal)

Electric Servomotor

Electric Servomotor
Work head shift (vertical)

Hydraulic /

Electric Servomotor

Electric Servomotor
Main motor power 5.5 KW 5.5 KW
System hydraulic pressure 12MPa 12MPa
Size 5000×1400×1600mm 5800×1400×1700mm
Weight 3500 kg 4200 kg